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Our Company specialized in technologies of sandblasting and organic coating applications for anti-corrosion protection. Its leading edge technology in application provides excellent protection against corrosion, aggregating economic value to most varied markets, such as oil and gas, chemical industries. Company has the complete structure for treating and preparing surfaces, adopting the national and international normative reference for sandblasting (abrasive blasting) through blasting, for application of liquid and powdered resins, for heating, fusion and reticulation of coatings and for quality control. It  is possible to offer personalized compos. Our company is the first company in Georgia which offering to its customers produqts and services of high quality.

Health, Environment and Safety

Solutions in coating developed by our company contribute to Quality, Health, Safety and Environment, preservation, avoiding flaws, accidents and leaking, arising from corrosion process. Our company is in compliance with all technical and legal criteria required by legislation. By providing solutions in anti- corrosion organic coatings which contribute to increase security in operations and environmental preservation, our company stimulates and turns the relative awareness to the ecosystem maintenance into reality, because the company acknowledges the importance of natural resources favoring quality of life and society s future.

Sandblasting Solutions

Sandblasting is the process of propelling pieces of abrasive material at a high velocity onto metal, brick or concrete.

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Importance of Sandblasting

Sandblasting prior to painting a surface ensures that imperfections like bubbles, dirt and dust are completely removed and will not become ...

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Airless Coating

Spraying of paints at high pressure (6-35 MPa), the so-called method of airless spray, is widespread in ....

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Importance of Metalcoating

It replaces noble metallic alloys and high cost for protection of surfaces against fluids and corrosive environments.

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